Monday, August 25, 2008

Blog updates!

I've been behind with these, but in the last two days I've done 7 posts! Enjoy!

Holiday World weekend

Jason and I took a much needed mini getaway this weekend. A friend of mine had free tickets to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN that she gave to us so we combined that with camping at Lake Rudolph.

Holiday World used to be called Santa Claus Land, but now has areas for all of the holidays. There is also a great water park, Splashing Safari, connected to it. It was a beautiful day, although warm, and the park was very crowded. We still had a great time though!

We camped that night at Lake Rudolph, which was really more like a pond. It's right next door to Holiday World - in fact, one of the rollarcoasters we rode goes over the "lake." We got there late afternoon and immediately went to the pool. Then we had some soft serve ice cream (they had over 33 flavors!) and then rented a paddle boat. It was so much fun!

Here is a picture of the tent we bought last year. It's so much bigger than we need, but I can't resist a sale!

And what is a mini vacation without the self portrait?!

On Sunday we got up and toured the town of Santa Claus. It pretty much consisted of a post office, a few stores, the Santa Claus Inn, and Santa's Candy Castle.

What is a visit to a town called Santa Claus without taking your picture with Jolly Old St. Nick?

The outside of the candy castle. Inside they had a room where you could write letters to Santa, a "high tech" room where you could chat with the elves, and then the area with the candy counter.

They had so many different flavors of candy canes!

On the way home we realized that we were very close to St. Meinrad Archabbey. I found out later that we could have joined the monks at prayer or mass, but we just walked around. It was absolutely amazing and breathtaking. The pictures just don't do it justice.

Fins to the left!

Jimmy Buffett was here again in July and of course we went to the concert! We didn't host a party this year, but stopped by one at the Forners and then enjoyed a little bit of the pre concert festivities in the parking lot. Then we went in and met up with the group - I think there were about 30 of us!

Anne and I with our leis that we got from the traveling margarita machine man.

Kyle was the life of the party!

The Felts family! Honestly, i think it's a bad picture of most of us, but I felt like I should post it anyways. We love our Buffett concerts!

Forum cookout

At the end of July we had everyone from the Noblesville Forum branch for a cookout. It was a great time and I loved getting to meet everyone. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures, but thought I'd show you what happens when you combine a few beers and a riding lawn mower.

Huber Winery and 4th Street Live

Anne finished her MBA in May, and her birthday was a few days after that, so we went to Huber Winery and 4th Street Live in Louisville to celebrate!

We started the day at Huber Winery and as usual, Jason and I came home with quite a few bottles! We had lunch and enjoyed some of the wine down by their pond.

Then we went on to downtown Louisville. That night we went to 4th Street Live and spent most of our time at Howl at the Moon. Anne and I enjoyed our "bucket o' booze."

Awww, how cute!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Flying Toasters

We went to Pinheads on Friday night with some people that Jason works with, to see a band called The Flying Toasters - they were awesome! They played all sorts of music (Mellencamp, Vanilla Ice, 80's music, 70's music, current stuff, etc), and I even managed to get Jason to get up and dance with me.

We finally took a good picture!

Jen and Nick:

Katie and her date (I'm sorry, I forget his name!)

Mounds State Park

Last Sunday we went up to Mounds State Park in Anderson to do some "hiking" aka walking on trails that were there. I knew that it wasn't far away but was surprised to find that it only took 27 minutes from our driveway to the park.

It was a beautiful afternoon!

This was some random thing we found - no idea what it is!

Self portrait

And one of two deer that we saw!

Our girls

It's been awhile since I've posted pictures of the kitties, so here is one that shows how they can find just about any area comfortable.

We've changed how we're feeding them and this is how they showed us they weren't happy with it.