Monday, December 27, 2010

Bath time!

Christmas, part 4!

When we got back from Kentucky we went to my mom's house to have our Christmas there. The first thing that Luke opened were pajamas from us, since this was technically his Christmas Eve.

Of course we had to put them on right away!

This is his latest trick - picking his nose. We're going to have to work on this one.

Such a little stinker!

I made Karen some camera bling - a parrot!

Family photo

And then that brings us up to our first family Christmas that I already posted some pictures from. We came home that night and read The Night Before Christmas before we put Luke to bed. The next morning we woke up to see that Santa came!

Christmas, parts 2 and 3

We went to Kentucky to celebrate Christmas with my grandparents, on both sides. We left Thursday evening when Jason got off work and then had Christmas with my mom's mom on Christmas Eve morning and with my dad's parents that night.

I get ANOTHER Christmas??

More presents!

At both houses, we like to play games. My Aunt arranges most of them at my grandparents house and my mom and sister came up with the games at my grandma's house.

This one involved tissue boxes belted to your waist/butt with jingle bells in them. You had 30 seconds to try and shake out as many as possible.

This game started with a ritz cracker on your forehead and you had to get it into your mouth by moving facial features.

You had to try and pick up the candy canes in this one.

This one was a relay race. You had to use the wrapping paper roll to suck up the ornament, pass to your teammate, to drop into a box on the other side.

When we got out to my grandparents house the first thing we did was go to Christmas Eve Mass. Luke was a pretty well behaved for most of it - although he did tear up the music book - while the entire church was quite. Oops.

I love my handsome guys!

Luke got some lego blocks and loved them - he especially loved sitting in the box.

Along with some smaller games, the big one we play out there is Dirty Santa. Everyone brings a gift (around $15.) You draw numbers and then the first person picks their gift and unwraps it. #2 has the option of stealing from that person or going to the pile. It ends up pretty intense as people are stealing gifts and making deals.

We left on Christmas morning to come back home to celebrate here. Such a sleepy little boy!

You brush your teeth, ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch

We got some video of Luke brushing his teeth tonight.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas morning!

Luke in his special PJs that he got on Christmas Eve

Santa came to our house last night!

This morning was so wonderful! (Aside from the fact that the awful stomach virus has hit our house again - I started getting sick at 4 this morning.)

Luckily it hasn't hit Luke and he was able to enjoy his presents!

Monday, December 20, 2010

10 months old!

I'm a few days late, but Luke is now 10 months old! I almost cried when I put the first double digit month sticker on him for the pictures.

In honor of being 10 months old - this picture captures his favorite thing to do now - clap! He will clap if you ask him to, if he sees you doing it, if he hears you say "Yay!", or if you start singing, "If you're happy and you know it ..." He also gave me a big round of applause as I was drying my hair the other morning - it's a great confidence booster.

(ETA: Today, Dec 23rd - so almost a week late - I finally weighed him. 22lbs, 14 oz - which means that he has slowed done a bunch! Just 10 oz in about a month and a week. Everyone said it would happen, I just didn't believe them.)

As seen by several of the recent posts - he is into everything now. He still army crawls (I'm not sure that he'll ever REALLY crawl - why mess with something that works?) and can easily pull up on just about anything. He can slowly move down the table as he's holding on, but I wouldn't say officially cruising yet.

He's still not sure what he thinks about table food. He's like his daddy though and LOVES potatoes - mashed potatoes, potato soup ... you name it. He also liked the flavor of the pot roast we had the other day - but wasn't sure of the texture. Most pasta and fruit gets spit right back out at us. We were at a party the other night and he had a cracker that he loved. He looked like such a big boy - carried that cracker around with him and ate small little bites of it.

He still gets 4 bottles a day, but we're also using the sippy cup. He does really well with the one with the straw - he'll take water or his formula in it.

He still loves bathtime - and tries to practice swimming while he's in there. I think we're going to need to re-enroll him in swimming lessons again soon.

He starts in the new room at school tomorrow. He'll still get to visit his old teachers, but Thursday was a rough day for me as we said goodbye to the baby room.

He learns new sounds everyday - currently is favorite is EEEEE! He regularly says mama, dada, baba, ga, mmmm, .... He had fallen asleep in the car on the way home last night and when I woke him up he sleepily looked up at me, grinned, and said with a sigh, "mama!" Such a sweet sweet sound.

He's starting to point at objects in books. We work on animals and their sounds a lot. For a few days we got him to say "mmmmm" when we would ask what sound a cow makes. I think he also knows that kitties go meow. Sometimes if I say kitties, Cali, Pickles, or meow - he'll look for the cats.

Speaking of animals, he LOVES cats and dogs. He has a special giggle sound that he makes just for them. The cats will watch him wearily as he giggles and crawls towards them. Just as he reaches out to "pet" them, they take off to the other side of the room. Luke just sighs, turns around, and follows them.

And now for some other pictures in our 10 month photo shoot:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

First Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas down at the Fletchers this weekend and had a great time!

See these presents? They're all for me! :)

The bows are the best part!

Wrapping paper is also pretty cool.

A new drum!

Go Colts!

The last thing we opened was this rocking horse ornament for Luke.

Then we saw this picture of Jason when he was little - on his hobby horse that he got for his first Christmas - 30 years ago.

And now it's Luke's! Grandma had the horse's mane and saddle redone. Luke is a little small for it, but I know that he's going to love it just as much as his daddy did.

Thanks to everyone for the amazing gifts!


Luke got a sled for Christmas and we tried it out today. I'd say it's a step up from riding on the back of a snow shovel!

The video is bumpy, but you can see how much he enjoyed it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A new trick

Watch Luke's tongue after he eats. No idea where he got this!

Jolly Days

The Children's Museum has a really neat holiday exhibit in December. (That's where we met Santa today!) Luke got to pet a reindeer, play with a penguin, and then had tons of fun up in the Playscape area and even got to try and play in the sand table.

Some random video of him watching and trying to follow the other kids.