Saturday, February 16, 2008

The group!

Here is a picture of the group from Nikki and Tyler's going away party. It's missing Misty/Andy (who were stuck up in Chicago in a snow storm), Kyle (who was at work but came later), and Allen (who was sick that night.) Anyone have any photoshop abilities and want to add them in? :)

I'm putting both of the ones that Tyler sent me on here - you should be able to save from here. If you'd like the actual picture files emailed to you, let me know!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 28 today! It started out as bad day - my car wouldn't start this morning - but it turned out to be a lot better. Jason picked me up from work (after cleaning my car and filling it up with gas - which I hate doing) and took me to our favorite restaurant, Charlestons. Since this was deemed a "special event" I got my favorite meal there - the short smoked salmon. Then he took me back to my mom's house where we opened presents and the Forners and Higgins came down for cake and drinks. I got some really good books and Jason got me a really cool planner and file organizer in a beautiful tiffany blue. (In fact, I think I'm going to use that color to make curtains in my craft room.)

When we got home I went upstairs into my craft room and was surprised with my present from my mom. I had a desk there, but that's it. She created a new table top for the desk so that I would have a larger workspace, and she put up the peg board with all of the awesome organization things. I'm so excited to really use my room!

Congratulations Jen and Chris!

Jen and Chris welcomed their little boy, Brendan Armstrong, into the world on February 12th. He weighed 8lbs 3 oz, and is 21 inches long. I was able to stop by and meet him today - such a cutie!!

Nikki and Tyler's going away party

Nikki and Tyler are getting ready to move to Italy for 3 years so we had a going away party for them last weekend. We had an italian themed dinner party and had so much fun! There was tons of food - bruschetta, an antipasto platter, salad, lasagna, cheese/crab stuffed shells, garlic bread, cheesecake, and gelato.

I was a little worried about fitting 13-15 people in our dining room, but with a little genius work by my mom, we made it work. I decorated with what I would consider tuscan colors. The napkins were alternating a green, burnt red, and gold. This first picture is before I put the silverware in the pocket fold napkins.

We took a big group picture but I'm waiting on that photo (hint, hint Nikki!) Here are pictures of our mini guests though - Molly, Allison, and Gavin. I was convinced that Jen would go into labor that night and we'd have a fourth little one, but she held off.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's not just a cat toy

Remember this? It was Cali and Pickles Christmas present from my mom.

Well, we learned tonight that it's not just a cat toy! This is Gavin (Megan and Allen's little boy) trying to figure out what this new toy is.