Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Story time with Luke

We discovered that Luke loves to talk, especially when he's sitting up. We were trying his Easter outfit on him the other night and set him in the glider to take pictures and he just started gabbing away.

Look how tiny he looks in the glider!

A close up of our handsome little man

And now, story time with Luke. He'd been doing this for several minutes before we started taping and kept going for awhile afterwards.

Genius baby

Luke loves his mirror that lights up and I'm convinced knows that he should hit it to make it light up - he's a genius. (That or he just gets lucky when he flails his arms around.) :)

He doesn't actually hit it in this one, but you can see how much he wants to turn towards it. (Oh, and we don't usually leave him half dressed - I was getting ready to change his diaper when he started doing this.)

He manages to hit it in this video!

He hits it a few more times - you can sort of see how excited he gets when he does it. He's so smart!

(Can you see these videos ok? If not I'll work on uploading them a different way!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

New car!

For various reasons (warranty running out, wanted a third row, etc) we traded in our Equinox this week for a 2008 Mazda5. I love it!!! It's sort of a car, sort of a mini van, sort of a "sport wagon" ... I'm not exactly sure where it technically falls.

It has sliding doors like a minivan, which I think we're going to love. It sits lower than the Equinox and higher than a car.

The back open ups like a van or SUV.

The middle row is two captain seats and the back row is bench type. (It's folded down right now.)

Happy baby!

Luke has been smiling and interacting with us more and more - it's so cute!

Sometimes you have to try awhile to get the smile, but it's so worth it when you do!

Road trip

Luke, my mom, and I drove to Effingham on Wednesday to meet up with my Aunt Denise and my grandma. It was the first time that they got to meet Luke! He was great in the car and slept the entire way.

It's exhausting being a baby!

First play date!

Luke had his first play date this week! My friend Tricia has twin girls who are 2 1/2 weeks older than him, and my friend Karen has a little boy who is 5 days younger. They all slept most of the time - I think that their moms had more fun than they did. :)

I will say that Luke was by far the biggest one. We had a talk before we went that he wasn't allowed to beat the other babies up.

He's showing his muscles off here:

The whole gang!

1 month stats

Luke had his 1 month appt on Tuesday and he's doing great! He is 23 inches long (84%), his head is 40.3 cm (84%) and he weighed 11 lbs 14 oz (87%.) Although the crazy detail part of me says that his weight wasn't right. All of the prior weighs were done in just a dry diaper. This time (because after a month they aren't as concerned w/ the exact ounces) he was fully dressed and had a wet diaper. (On a side note - I weighed a dry diaper at home - .5 ounces. I weighed a wet diaper - 4 ounces! So there IS a difference.) Regardless, he's just perfect!

He got his second hepatitis B vaccine while he was there - it was so sad! He was happy as a clam, moving around and talking. When she gave him the shot he basically stopped "mid sentence", his face got red, and he started crying. And then his mama started crying too.

He did get a cute bandaid afterwards though!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Luke's first kiss

Molly brought her parents over tonight so that she could finally meet "Baby Luke." They were friends right away!

Luke finally got sick of the kisses. "Girls have cooties!."

And for the first time, Luke got to sit at the big people table for dinner!

It's march madness baby!

The madness started with Uncle Pat teaching Luke how to use the remote control to watch ESPN. He wanted to do some research before filling out his bracket.

Then, like all athletes he had a dress up day before actual game day. He was prepping for the UK game (see his pacifier.)

Then he had to decide what his uniform would be for the game. First we tried a hat:

That didn't really work for him.

Luckily we had his Uncle Pat's old sweatshirt as a backup.

Luke is not only a Kentucky fan, but also a Purdue fan. (Don't ask who he'll route for if they have to play each other. It will be a game time decision.)

Boiler up! Technically this sweatshirt is for a 12 month old, but he made it work. :)

And we can't leave out IU. The picture is terrible but hopefully next year there will be some opportunities to cheer on the Hoosiers.

All smiles

Mardi gras beads are fun!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

One month old!

I can't believe that my baby is a month old! (Ok, so 1 month and 2 days today if you want to get technical.)

Time is just flying by - it's so crazy! It's also crazy how different he is now than 4 weeks ago. He's so much more alert and it's obvious that he knows his mommy and daddy. He loves to lay on his back under the gym and watch the lights. He tolerates tummy time, especially if there is a mirror next to him that he can look at. He loves when we have dance parties in his room - especially if it's to some Michael Buble music. I'm convinced that he already has better dance moves than his mama.

And my favorite development - he can smile! He's been doing that smiling thing while sleeping, which has been so fun to watch, but we don't count as real smiles. (And actually, he sometimes giggles when he sleeps! Belly shaking giggling - it's so cute.) This past week though as Jason and I make funny faces and noises and loud kissing sounds he's come closer and closer to smiling. And finally he did! It's not all the time, but he definitely will now smile at something we're doing - not just some internal stimuli (gas?) that happens.

His 1 month checkup isn't until next week, but I weighed him on the baby scale at home and he was 10 lbs, 15 oz. He is a growing boy! I'm curious to see how much he's grown in length. He is going about 3-4 hours between eating - although sometimes after an hour he tells us he's hungry.

Just when I think we have things figured out he goes and changes something - he likes to keep it interesting and keep us on our toes!

And for fun - some other pictures from that day.

"Really mom? Another photo shoot?!?"

Then I thought he should dress up for the occasion.

"I'm so over this! And seriously, the hat again?!?"

Spring is here!

The weather has been so nice lately! It's been great to get out of the house and go on walks. We went over to my mom's house on March 8th and went on our very first walk. He slept the whole time but I like to think that he enjoyed being outside.

Then on March 10 when Jason got home from work we went up to Hamilton Towne Center and ate outside at Qdoba.

Luke was a little upset that we were eating dinner and he wasn't, so we took care of that for him.

That same day we brought his new swing out onto the front porch. I think he liked the breeze.

On March 16 he got to help his daddy work on the jeep for the very first time.

And who can forget the cute sunglasses from St. Patty's Day?!?

We took a walk this evening and I think he was pretty excited about it. It was also the first time that Jason got to walk with us.

Splish splash, I was taking a bath ....

Luke has had so many types of baths, and thought we should review them. He thought that other babies might benefit from it. :)

Bath #1 - sponge bath by the nurse at the hospital when he was a day old. They kept him under the warmer initially so that helped. Otherwise, he wasn't so much a fan - although he loved when she poured the water over his head.

Bath #2 - sponge bath at home by mommy and daddy. Not a fan. In hindsight, the bathroom was probably too cold. We tried to keep him covered up as much as possible with the towel, but he still wasn't happy. Again though, he loved the water being poured over his head. (I have high hopes that this will mean good things for when he is baptized.)

Bath #3 - his umbilical cord fell off of March 2nd, when he was about a week and a half old - so he got to use the baby bath! This went better, but he was mad if you weren't continuously pouring water over him. Lesson learned - he loves to be in the water. Out of the water does not equal a happy baby.

Bath #4 - the amazing Baby Washpod. My mom found this several months ago and had been dying to buy it. When we realized how much he loved to be IN the water, Grandma made the amazon.com purchase. It's like a glorified bucket, but oh man, when you put him in it, he's in heaven. It's supposed to make them feel like they're back in the womb. The first time I felt like he gave this big sigh of relief and was like "Oh thank goodness. I'm back where I belong. The last 2 weeks were just a bad nightmare." It's a little difficult now because he can't hold his head up, so I can't wait until that day happens.

It's also a little hard to actually wash him, so we do the soapy part while he's on a baby bath sponge in the bathtub. We get that warm first (and use a heater in the bathroom to keep it warm) and he does ok. He gets a little fussy but when we put him into the pod to "rinse" he calms right down. It might be more work for us, but I love seeing how calm he gets!

This video is sideways, but you can see how calm he is!

He gets a little fussy at the end of this, but I think it's just because the water was cooling.