Saturday, March 20, 2010

Splish splash, I was taking a bath ....

Luke has had so many types of baths, and thought we should review them. He thought that other babies might benefit from it. :)

Bath #1 - sponge bath by the nurse at the hospital when he was a day old. They kept him under the warmer initially so that helped. Otherwise, he wasn't so much a fan - although he loved when she poured the water over his head.

Bath #2 - sponge bath at home by mommy and daddy. Not a fan. In hindsight, the bathroom was probably too cold. We tried to keep him covered up as much as possible with the towel, but he still wasn't happy. Again though, he loved the water being poured over his head. (I have high hopes that this will mean good things for when he is baptized.)

Bath #3 - his umbilical cord fell off of March 2nd, when he was about a week and a half old - so he got to use the baby bath! This went better, but he was mad if you weren't continuously pouring water over him. Lesson learned - he loves to be in the water. Out of the water does not equal a happy baby.

Bath #4 - the amazing Baby Washpod. My mom found this several months ago and had been dying to buy it. When we realized how much he loved to be IN the water, Grandma made the purchase. It's like a glorified bucket, but oh man, when you put him in it, he's in heaven. It's supposed to make them feel like they're back in the womb. The first time I felt like he gave this big sigh of relief and was like "Oh thank goodness. I'm back where I belong. The last 2 weeks were just a bad nightmare." It's a little difficult now because he can't hold his head up, so I can't wait until that day happens.

It's also a little hard to actually wash him, so we do the soapy part while he's on a baby bath sponge in the bathtub. We get that warm first (and use a heater in the bathroom to keep it warm) and he does ok. He gets a little fussy but when we put him into the pod to "rinse" he calms right down. It might be more work for us, but I love seeing how calm he gets!

This video is sideways, but you can see how calm he is!

He gets a little fussy at the end of this, but I think it's just because the water was cooling.

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