Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's march madness baby!

The madness started with Uncle Pat teaching Luke how to use the remote control to watch ESPN. He wanted to do some research before filling out his bracket.

Then, like all athletes he had a dress up day before actual game day. He was prepping for the UK game (see his pacifier.)

Then he had to decide what his uniform would be for the game. First we tried a hat:

That didn't really work for him.

Luckily we had his Uncle Pat's old sweatshirt as a backup.

Luke is not only a Kentucky fan, but also a Purdue fan. (Don't ask who he'll route for if they have to play each other. It will be a game time decision.)

Boiler up! Technically this sweatshirt is for a 12 month old, but he made it work. :)

And we can't leave out IU. The picture is terrible but hopefully next year there will be some opportunities to cheer on the Hoosiers.

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Janean said...

Go Big Blue!