Friday, May 04, 2012

Recent pictures

We have a great playground equipment store where you can actually pay to play for the afternoon on all of it. Luke loved it! (And I learned just how expensive some of those are - we played on one that had a price tag of $10K.)

Playing at "Grandma's library." The library down in Ellettsville has a great play area!

The new lego exhibit at the museum

Playing with Olivia at the museum.

Watching Disney with grandpa

Luke's latest school picture

Getting ready to finger paint at Grandma's house

Playing in the puddles after a day of rain

And my latest favorite picture. Luke told me the other night that he wanted to sit on the potty. So sit he did .... for 35 minutes. He refused to get up until he peed. We tried drinking water, had the water in the faucet going, and I was so close to putting his hand in warm water. While he sat there we read books, sang songs, and had a big talk about his big boy underwear. He decided he wanted to wear them, so you see them here around his ankles. Then he pointed out some others and informed that "Luke wear those 'morrow." Um buddy, you're not potty trained yet, you can't wear them. :) Anyways, after 35 minutes of sitting there, he peed! Yay! (It wasn't the first time, but it was the first time that he really really tried to make it happen.)

Oh, and if only we all could look so cool when we pee ...

2 year pictures

They were taken about 5 or 6 weeks late, but close enough. I love how they turned out - thanks Karen!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Big boy room

In celebration of Luke giving up his pacifiers, we finished converting his room to a big boy room. We moved out his nursery furniture and moved in the furniture that used to be in Jason's bedroom when he was little. It's nearly done and the last few touches will take a while, so I thought I'd go ahead and share.

I found this sign at a garage sale.

This is his growth chart that I ordered over a year ago but am just now hanging up. He loves to be measured in front of it!

This pole in the corner is a heavy duty cardboard role from the middle of a carpet roll, and has been covered in contact paper. There are hooks going up it, to hang stuffed animals, hats, etc off of. (Right now only 2 things are hanging on it.) My brother, sister, and I each had one of these in our rooms when we were younger. This is actually the exact one from my brother's room.

The car on the wall at the head of the bed used to hang on Jason's wall when he was little. I made the prints on the long wall.

The reading corner. I am one IKEA shelf short for my book shelves. Once I get the last one it will be painted green. The toy box under the window was one that used to hold my sister and I's dress up clothes. The little table in the middle of the room is his lego/car table.

The truck coat hanger thing was also from Jason's old room. The wooden tractor and car pieces on top of the desk were as well.

Also, if you blow up this picture big enough you can see Luke's artwork hanging on his desk. It has a tree, grass, sun, etc that Grandma drew. Luke is responsible for the big blob in the middle. He says it's a dinosaur. :)

And that's his room tour! This room has been my favorite room in our house. I loved it as a nursery and love it as a big boy room!

One more thing ... this won't be staying in here permanently, but I recently got it at a consignment sale and he loves playing on it.