Friday, May 04, 2012

Recent pictures

We have a great playground equipment store where you can actually pay to play for the afternoon on all of it. Luke loved it! (And I learned just how expensive some of those are - we played on one that had a price tag of $10K.)

Playing at "Grandma's library." The library down in Ellettsville has a great play area!

The new lego exhibit at the museum

Playing with Olivia at the museum.

Watching Disney with grandpa

Luke's latest school picture

Getting ready to finger paint at Grandma's house

Playing in the puddles after a day of rain

And my latest favorite picture. Luke told me the other night that he wanted to sit on the potty. So sit he did .... for 35 minutes. He refused to get up until he peed. We tried drinking water, had the water in the faucet going, and I was so close to putting his hand in warm water. While he sat there we read books, sang songs, and had a big talk about his big boy underwear. He decided he wanted to wear them, so you see them here around his ankles. Then he pointed out some others and informed that "Luke wear those 'morrow." Um buddy, you're not potty trained yet, you can't wear them. :) Anyways, after 35 minutes of sitting there, he peed! Yay! (It wasn't the first time, but it was the first time that he really really tried to make it happen.)

Oh, and if only we all could look so cool when we pee ...

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