Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our weekend

Luke and I started a swim class on Friday and had so much fun! Lots of singing and splashing. It runs for 8 weeks - I think he'll be ready to compete against Michael Phelps when it's all over.

We were getting ready to give Luke a bath tonight and when taking his onesie off noticed that he had stored some puffs to eat later.

We went down to Bloomington this weekend to visit Mamaw and Papaw.

Luke loved playing with the hats that Mamaw bought.

And lastly, we have a backwards mover on our hands.

Tonight he started about 5 feet away from the table, got himself all turned around and scooted under the table. I'm not ready for this!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


You may need to click on the picture to see it bigger, but he's finally growing some hair!

It's even enough to turn into a mohawk. :)

Cute video

This was on Monday when Luke was at Grandma's. I love that you can't tell that he'd a) just gotten a flu shot, b) had 2 teeth coming through his top gum, and c) had a mild ear infection.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

7 months old

Luke turned 7 months old yesterday - where is the time going??

I weighed him and he came in at 19 lbs, 10 oz - such a little chunk! :) He's down to 4 bottles - 7 1/2 oz each. He eats a mid-morning breakfast of oatmeal and fruit and then has a dinner of veggies and a little more fruit. We've given him some puffs, yogurt melts, bitter biscuits, and mum-mums. For the most part, if he gets an actual solid food in his mouth - he'll cry. (Nevermind that he's the one that put it there!) Then he can't figure out how to get it OUT of his mouth, and the puffs especially like to stick to his lip. It's so pitiful. Today he actually seemed to somewhat like the mum-mums though (kind of like a rice cake cracker) and ate the entire thing. He's great at the pincher-grasp and can pick up the small things on his tray - just has some trouble getting them to his mouth. Oh well, it's just for fun anyways.

His sleeping has regressed a little. He has been fighting naps and has been waking up once in the night - usually just for us to give him his pacifier back and soothe him for a few minutes and then right back to sleep. I'm hoping that it's just been because of teething.

Speaking of - he has another tooth! The top middle left tooth is through the gums and now we're working on the one right next to it. Hopefully in a week or so we'll officially have 4 teeth!

The biggest thing from the past month is that he finally rolled over - and now won't stop. If I'm changing his diaper, if he's supposed to be napping ... he'd rather roll over and play. Proof - this was about 20 minutes after he went down for his nap.

He's starting to get his knees tucked under him occasionally, but when he does that he face plants into the ground. He can scoot in circles and side to side just fine though.

He's so much more aware of his surroundings everyday. He's also learning how things work and cause/effect. He has a dinosaur toy that you drop balls into, and also a ramp for his cars. He knows that the balls go into the hole and then sound/lights happen - and he'll put the ball towards the hole - just can't get it in himself. Much like the car/ramp - he'll hit the ramp with the car, but won't let go of it to let it go down.

He also has no fear. If he's sitting or standing against something and sees something else he wants - he'll lunge for it.

Also, to the joy of his daddy, he's learned to actually turn the steering wheel on his car toy.

He's a happy happy baby, but at times can get the most serious look on his face. Mostly when we meet new people and he's sizing them up. At times like this Jason likes to quote the Joker in Batman, "Why so serious?"

He LOVES other kids. We've had such a great time at various play dates and at the children's museum. I think he watches them thinking, "how can I do that??"

He's becoming quite attached to mommy and daddy. One of my best mommy moments was a few weeks ago when I picked him up from school. I came into the room and he was in a walker. He saw me and just lit up! Then he started to "walk" towards me (which I'd never seen him do before) and lifted his arms up. I picked him up and he threw his arms around my neck and came at me for a huge open mouthed kiss. It made me cry. :)

On the flip side - a few times when we've dropped him off in the mornings he's started crying as we leave. Breaks out hearts.

I'm sure this is long enough, so here is one final cute picture. I went to a consignment sale last week and bought him a winter hat - and of course we needed to try it on:

Friday, September 10, 2010

He rolled!

Luke has been able to roll from front to back for quite awhile now, but has never rolled from back to belly. I wasn't that worried about it because he does so many other things well (sitting up, etc) but at his 6 month appt our pediatrician commented that after 7 months if he still hadn't rolled then we might want to think about calling First Steps to get an evaluation. We weren't really going to because he's seemed pretty close, just not interested, but it is with great relief and pride that I can say at 6 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days - he rolled!

And following in his daddy's footsteps - he apparently is going to be a car guy. It was the car toys that Aunt Karen bought that actually got him to roll.

Here are times #2 and #3 this evening. (He cheated in #2 and used the mat to help pull himself - hey, whatever works I guess.) Go Luke!

Such a boy!

Banging his cup on the table at the Mexican restaurant - this was right after he pushed the menu and silverware onto the floor.

Showing daddy how to drive the car

... Batman! ....

Friday morning finger painting fun

This morning we did a fun new craft activity. I took some cool whip, thawed it, and put in some green food coloring. Then we let Luke go to town and finger paint!

He seemed to really like putting his hand into the bowl to get more. Then he's stare at it and sort of move his fingers around. It was a good sensory experience for him as it was pretty cold.

Needless to say we had a messy boy afterwards! Luckily Jason also had the day off so he could help me get him cleaned up.

Since it was just cool whip, it wasn't a big deal that he got some in his mouth

One of the finished products!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Baby food

Last post for tonight, I promise!

I've been making Luke's baby food recently and love doing it! It's fun, easy, cheaper - and he gets to try different foods this way.

So far I've made: bananas (just mash them up), avocado (also just mash them up), green beans, peas, zucchini, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, peaches, and plums.

You steam them, puree them, put them into ice cube trays to freeze, then pop them into bags until you want to use them.

The possibilities are endless. I'm going to start adding in spices soon, and also try some different things that don't typically come in baby food purees - broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

Kitty toys

Apparently kitty toys are fun for little boys too. :)


We did a little shopping at Target today and Aunt Karen wanted to buy Luke a toy. He got his first cars and loves them!

Standing up!

He's pretty wobbly and obviously can't there on his own, but he's learning to stand while leaning on something! Go Luke!

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great (and busy!) Labor Day Weekend!

On Friday Luke and I had a playdate with our friend Laura and her kiddos Natalie and Dylan. Luke got to eat outside, picnic style, and swing - which made him pretty happy guy.

On Saturday I went to my mom's group monthly freezer cooking day. I was there only 1 1/2 hours and came home with 8 great meals to freeze!

Then we went over to Ryan and Kathy's to watch the Purdue/Notre Dame game. Luke wore a new Purdue shirt but it didn't help. :( Andrew was nice enough to also let us borrow the Fisher Price Superstar toy - and it entertained Luke for a long time today. Thanks guys!

Unfortunately when we got there Luke started to get really snotty/drooly. Kathy mentioned that the drooling might be because of teething (it was just pouring down his face!) and sure enough - he's working on this top left front tooth. We were hoping that that was the only thing going on - but it became clear as the evening went on that he was getting a cold too.

Because of that we had to cut our evening short and didn't get to go to the ice cream social that our friend Annie was having. (That made me VERY sad!)

When Luke woke up on Sunday it was clear that not only was his mouth bothering him, but he had a full blown cold. No coughing, but more snot than I ever thought possible. He would sneeze and the snot would shoot out, making him look like a walrus with tusks. (Sorry, no pictures! I'm sure you're heart broken.)

With some ibprofen though, he was good to go. His Mamaw, Papaw, Uncle Matt, and Aunt Alli came to visit and we all went to the zoo. Each time we go he "sees" more and more animals. This time he added the baboons!

Then we came back and stopped by the park to get our daily swinging in. After that it was time to just relax and hang out in the front yard while the guys washed their cars. What a great day!

Matt and Alli brought their new puppy Zoe to visit as well. Luke has decided that we need one now too (although Pickles and Cali do not agree.)

Today we were so exhausted that we just did a lot of laying around and napping!

Whew!! :)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Children's Museum

On the first Thursday of every month, the Children's Museum is open later, and it's FREE! We took Luke tonight after work and had such a great time!

They have an area for little kids called Playscape, and in a corner of that is Babyscape -which was just the right size!

This is so much fun!

Wow daddy! How did you do that?

Am I doing this right?

Well hello there!

Then we left the Babyscape area and did a quick run through some other parts of the museum. Jason was happy to show Luke all of the cars that were there.

Mommy, I think I want one of these someday.

And right before we left we had to stop by the dinosaur area, so Jason could have his turn at playing. :)