Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our weekend

Luke and I started a swim class on Friday and had so much fun! Lots of singing and splashing. It runs for 8 weeks - I think he'll be ready to compete against Michael Phelps when it's all over.

We were getting ready to give Luke a bath tonight and when taking his onesie off noticed that he had stored some puffs to eat later.

We went down to Bloomington this weekend to visit Mamaw and Papaw.

Luke loved playing with the hats that Mamaw bought.

And lastly, we have a backwards mover on our hands.

Tonight he started about 5 feet away from the table, got himself all turned around and scooted under the table. I'm not ready for this!


Kathy said...

awww so funny about the Puffs.

Wow! Moving! gooo Luke!

Anna said...

That's some good scooting! Put a Swiffer pad on his belly and let him do the floors.