Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is here!

The weather has been so nice lately! It's been great to get out of the house and go on walks. We went over to my mom's house on March 8th and went on our very first walk. He slept the whole time but I like to think that he enjoyed being outside.

Then on March 10 when Jason got home from work we went up to Hamilton Towne Center and ate outside at Qdoba.

Luke was a little upset that we were eating dinner and he wasn't, so we took care of that for him.

That same day we brought his new swing out onto the front porch. I think he liked the breeze.

On March 16 he got to help his daddy work on the jeep for the very first time.

And who can forget the cute sunglasses from St. Patty's Day?!?

We took a walk this evening and I think he was pretty excited about it. It was also the first time that Jason got to walk with us.

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