Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas, parts 2 and 3

We went to Kentucky to celebrate Christmas with my grandparents, on both sides. We left Thursday evening when Jason got off work and then had Christmas with my mom's mom on Christmas Eve morning and with my dad's parents that night.

I get ANOTHER Christmas??

More presents!

At both houses, we like to play games. My Aunt arranges most of them at my grandparents house and my mom and sister came up with the games at my grandma's house.

This one involved tissue boxes belted to your waist/butt with jingle bells in them. You had 30 seconds to try and shake out as many as possible.

This game started with a ritz cracker on your forehead and you had to get it into your mouth by moving facial features.

You had to try and pick up the candy canes in this one.

This one was a relay race. You had to use the wrapping paper roll to suck up the ornament, pass to your teammate, to drop into a box on the other side.

When we got out to my grandparents house the first thing we did was go to Christmas Eve Mass. Luke was a pretty well behaved for most of it - although he did tear up the music book - while the entire church was quite. Oops.

I love my handsome guys!

Luke got some lego blocks and loved them - he especially loved sitting in the box.

Along with some smaller games, the big one we play out there is Dirty Santa. Everyone brings a gift (around $15.) You draw numbers and then the first person picks their gift and unwraps it. #2 has the option of stealing from that person or going to the pile. It ends up pretty intense as people are stealing gifts and making deals.

We left on Christmas morning to come back home to celebrate here. Such a sleepy little boy!

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