Sunday, January 21, 2007

What an awesome day!!!!

First, happy anniversary to us!!! We kept it pretty low key today - had an early dinner at our favorite restaurant, Charlestons, and then watched the Colts game with some friends. We weren't going to exchange presents because of our upcoming cruise (3 weeks!) but Jason created a whole scavenger hunt for me and at the end was tickets to go see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat next weekend. They are "paper" and it was perfect!

We watched the Colts game at Anne and Kyle's and all I can say is "SUPER BOWL BABY!!!!" It was amazing and my heart is still racing. It's going to be an I-65 Superbowl between the Bears and the Colts!!

We cut into our "anniversary cake" and at the end of the game toasted with some champagne we saved for the last year. The cake was a remake of the top layer of our wedding cake, as we at that at our one month anniversary.

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Chantelle said...

Happy Anniversary! It sound like it was a fun one - especially with that game. How awesome!