Monday, May 28, 2007

Rock the Mullet

Jason and I had our "Rock the Mullet" party today and it was a success! It was a redneck/hillbilly/white trash themed party. Our first guests arrived at 2pm and the last left at 10pm - all in all I think we had 40 people show up. And yet somehow I've still got the energy to update the blog! (Hint: if you click on a picture you can see it bigger.)

I don't have many pictures of our food, but here was our menu:
Appetizers & Munchies - Pigs in a blanket, White Castle burgers, chips, dip, crackers and spray cheese, cheetos, funyons, and pork rinds.
Main - hot dogs, brats, potato salad, baked beans, macaroni and cheese
Dessert - Twinkees/Ding Dongs Cake, Jello mold, Spiked Watermelon (and wow, was that a pain to do!), Rice Krispy treats, Dirt pudding, Oreo cookies, and Fig Newtons. We tried to find Moon Pies but didn't have much luck.
Drinks - Jello shots, beer, Boone's Farm, soda, lemonade, and orange drink

Decorations - to start with, the front of our house - complete with a snowman, bunny rabbit, yard ornaments and a clothes line with some granny panties from Goodwill. The flower pots on the front porch were in tires, and we replaced our bench with some plastic chairs and a cooler. Oh, and Keystone beer sign on the front door.

In the backyard we put a tent up and had some parrot lights dangling from it. Also see the trashcan we set out - on the other side of that is the lawn mower we decided to leave out as well.

This is just a nice picture of the deck because I don't think I've actually posted one yet. It's 20'x24' and Jason & his dad built it this past fall. My mom and I put in the lattice work and did the landscaping - now we just need the bushes to grow!

This is the awesome bar that Kyle built for us! The keg is to the left of it - we decided to be a tiny bit klassier than originally planned and went with Coors Light instead of Keystone, Natty Light, or Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Baby pool with the rest of the beverages - soda, lemonade, and 9 different flavors of Boone's Farm (and would you believe that those aren't even all that they make?!?

Glider chairs with a big bowl of cheetos. The "centerpieces" are little vienna sausage cans with red carnations "planted" in them.

Main table. The centerpieces on this one were SPAM cans with carnations. This is also where one of the Keystone Light wind chimes was hanging.

What are you supposed to be looking for in this picture?? The twinkee and ding dong cake sitting on the table. Oh, and the White Castle box in the lower right corner.

The cornhole boards! We got them as a wedding present but both were all white. I painted them with the IU and Purdue symbols this week.

And now for some of the costumes! I'd like to point out Jason's rat tail - he was quite proud of it!

Jeff, Kerry, & Brooklyn - what a cute family!

Kevin and then his wife Beth - both with a few black teeth.

Katie and Brandon - aka K-Fed and Brittany Spears.

And my favorite - Chrissi!

I've got quite a few other pictures but it's time to hit the sack! I'll probably post more later!

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Chantelle said...

Haha! This is great! I love it! It looks like you had a blast. Seriously - a clever idea. Although you neighbors may have been a bit concerned for a moment...