Thursday, November 29, 2007

A new look for the kitchen and dining room

We were sick of the white walls, so with less than a week to go before Thanksgiving we painted them. (And yes, mom came over to help!) The pictures are just of the dining room side right now. I wanted to wait until our island was done in the kitchen before taking those. (It's done now, I've just been lazy and haven't taken the pictures.)

It's not too drastic, but we love it. We plan to do this same color in the half bath downstairs, and our bedroom. We'd like something a little bit darker for the living room.



(Yes, the table is also darker. No, we didn't paint it. This summer while mom was looking for a table for Patrick's apartment, she found this one at a garage sale. It was identical to ours, so we took the dark one, and Pat has the light one.)

Another before:

Another after:

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Janean said...

It's really very pretty--and the darker table makes a big difference, too. Can't wait to see the kitchen!