Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cookies for Santa ...

As we've been snowed in all weekend (ok, so maybe not exactly, but we're pretending that we were) we decided to make sugar cookies for Santa. :)

After making the dough we realized that we don't own a rolling pin, so we improvised. It was Jason's idea ... I love having resourceful husband! (In case you can't tell, it's a bottle of Vodka.)

A picture of me making cookies ...

Jason got sick of the cookie cutters and decided to make his own shapes.

I give you, The Christmas Alien:

And here is what the rest of the cookies looked like, before baking.

Mmmm.... freshly baked cookies! Check out my new "Holiday Hostess" oven mits. I was involved in a Secret Santa gift exchange on a message board that I'm on, and those were part of my gift.

Time to decorate! I didn't buy any sprinkles, so we just used colored icing.

The red cookie on the lower right side is a 350z. Guess who made that one?

This one is the gingerbread man with his leg cut off. (Again, guess who made that one?)

And right after we finished decorating the cookies I remembered that I have a Christmas apron. I put it on and posed for the camera.

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