Monday, April 21, 2008

Molly's baptism

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but nothing too exciting has been going on. Finally some things to post about though!

First, Jason and I are going on vacation next week! Some family friends own a condo in Orange Beach, AL and we get to spend some time there. After a few days there we'll then head to New Orleans for a night - we can't wait!

I don't think I've mentioned it, but our great friends, Anne & Kyle, asked us to be godparents to their daughter Molly. We were so excited and honored that they asked us! The baptism was this weekend and Molly was so adorable! There were 11 other babies being baptized at the same time, but she was definetly the cutest. While we were up there, Father Eric even commented on how he wished everyone could see her smile. She just loved being in the spotlight and hammed it up.

Here is one of the pictures of Molly and her favorite godparents! :)

Her gown is one that everyone in Anne's family has worn, I think for the past 65 years. The slip underneath has the initials stitched in of everyone who has ever worn it. The bonnet was made out of Anne, Kay (Kyle's mom), and Adrianne's (sister-in-law) wedding dress.

Also, notice her "bling"! It's a bracelet that Jason and I had made for her. It's made out of crystals and pearls and has a little cross charm on it. There was a poem that went with it, that talked about wearing it for her baptism, other holy days, and to tie it to her garter when she meets that special boy. (Obviously a long long time from now!)


Kathy said...

that's so special! she's a cutie

Chantelle said...

The bracelet is a beautiful gift that I am sure she will cherish. I love it!

Hope all is well with you.