Monday, July 14, 2008

Beer making

Jason has really been interested in quality/unique beers lately - avoiding the usual Keystone or Coors Light. We realized that my dad had made beer once and mom still had a lot of the equipment, so we decided to try making some ourselves.

We started it on a Saturday and had to bring a few gallons of water to a boil - we used the famous Thanksgiving turkey fryer. We had to add all sorts of different grains/malt extract/yeast at different points in the 1.5 hour boil. Then we had to quickly chill it (no pictures of that) and get it into a large glass container. That has an airlock on it, and we let it sit for one week. Then we switched it to another glass container where it will sit for 2 weeks, and then we bottle it!

This was what it looked like the day after we put it into the container. That first airlock we used wasn't long enough and it was fizzing out the top. It's much better now. :)

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