Friday, June 12, 2009

Let the waiting begin!

As of Wednesday morning, we are active with our adoption agency! This means that all we do now is wait for a birth mom to pick us, while trying to be as patient as possible. (Easier said than done!) The agency sent us a copy of our 5 page bio last week and we absolutely love it. As long as we meet her specific criteria, they’ll give a copy of the bio to each birth mom. It includes a “Dear Expecting Mom” letter, 2 pages of text about us, and then 2 pages of pictures. It’s hard to portray who we really are in that short amount of space, but we think the agency did a wonderful job. We also have a small profile on the agency’s website under featured families. (See picture below.)

We are so excited to be at this point! We’ve started slowly buying some things for the baby, which has been so much fun. It’s hard for someone like me, who likes to plan, because we have no idea when this will happen, or how much notice we’ll actually have. We don’t plan to do much until after the baby is actually here, but will have some of the basics. After one of our very first meetings with the agency, Jason and I went out to Babies R Us and bought the first outfits for our baby. It’s hard to even explain the way we felt when we got to do that. Since then I’ve picked up a few other sleepers/onesies that I just couldn’t resist. We’ve also looked at bedding and have a boy and a girl set in mind. Both have the same color green in them, so we plan to go ahead and paint the nursery sometime soon. We also have most of the nursery furniture taken care of. We’re going to use a dresser/hutch that we bought on Craigs List, and through the amazing kindness of friends, we now own (although don’t have possession of yet) a crib and changing table. We are also going to use the cradle that my grandpa built before I was born.

Other than that, we’re just going to try to stay busy. Our local hospital offers a parenting class, specifically for adopting parents. It’s called “Parents at Last!” We can’t wait to take that!

We’re also trying to get everything in order for our adoption garage sale. We’ve been amazed at what people have already donated for us to sell. If anyone else has anything that they just want gone from their house, please let me know! We’ll come pick it up from you! Right now the tentative date for the sale is July 10th/11th.

I hope everyone is doing well! We’ll keep you updated of anything that happens. Please keep Jason and I, our future birth mom, and our baby in your prayers while we wait.


Amber said...

So excited for you guys!! We are praying for you!

Megan said...

Good luck. We are very excited for you!! I can't wait to have a baby shower :)