Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big boy bed!!

As if turning 2 wasn't exciting enough, Luke now sleeps in a big boy bed! We've been toying with the idea, trying to decide if we were nuts or not, because really, there was no reason to. He's a fantastic sleeper and has never tried to climb out of the crib. Part of the reason I wanted to do it was so that we could lay in bed and read, instead of laying on the floor. But was that enough of a reason to mess with a good thing?

We were back and forth with it, torn on what to do. Then on Wednesday morning before his birthday, he woke up at 5:45 crying. I went into his room and he was completely stuck. He was laying on his belly, horizontally across the crib, with both legs stuck out of slat openings, completely up to this thighs. I tried to get him out and couldn't (all while he was crying, "legs hurt!") I yelled for Jason and eventually I had to climb into the crib to help pull/twist and Jason pushed and tried to stretch the slats apart. It only took a few minutes but it seemed like forever. It had never happened before and was a fluke, but I took it as a sign and bought the twin mattress the next day. (And oddly enough - it ended up happening again 2 nights later!)

Luckily we had bought Luke a book for Valentine's Day called Elmo is big enough for bed. He loves this book - it talks about Elmo being in a crib when he was a baby, but then being a big boy and needing a big boy bed. We started to add in our own story to it - and talked about how Elmo was turning 2 just like Luke! And Elmo got new sheets and so would Luke - car sheets! He was super excited about those. (And a side note - he saw the pillow sham one day a few weeks before that, as I've had the bedding for months, and he thought it was a shirt and cried because I wouldn't let him wear it.)

Anyways, on his birthday he went to nap at my mom's. We (or rather, Jason and his brother) took the crib down (yes, we're brave) and set up the twin.

Luke loved it!! He's been sleeping great in it and hasn't climbed out once. We have a stool to help him get in towards the foot of the bed, but when it's bedtime we move it. He can still get out easily, but I don't think HE knows it, which is just fine by me!

And after that novel, here are a few pictures! Eventually we'll redecorate the rest of his room to match the car theme, but for now it's just the bed.

Last night in his crib!

New bed!

Our baby boy is all grown up!

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Kathy said...

love it!!! he looks so cute in that bed.

Where did you get that rail by the way, that is cool!