Friday, July 13, 2012

Our week in review

On Sunday Luke started to act a little bit like he didn't feel good. It didn't occur to me at the time, but looking back, we had donuts that morning and he didn't finish one. That is not my child and probably should have clued me in. He was a little clingy and whiny that day. He was at my mom's on Monday and we realized he had a fever. He wasn't eating much and on Tuesday wasn't really drinking either. I had an OB appt that afternoon, but my mom took him to the pediatrician. They checked him for strep and ear infection and both were fine. We figured it was just a virus that needed to run it's course.

He has consistently had a temp of over 103, unless he's on ibprofen. We started to give it to him every 6 hours on the dot, even waking him up at night to do it. On Tuesday night we were about 20 minutes late and when I went to wake him up, he was burning up. His temp was 104.5 under the arm, and poor little guy was shaking. It wasn't just shivers but it also didn't seem like a seizure. We gave him the ibprofen and were giving it 20 minutes to kick otherwise were taking him in. Luckily it worked fairly quickly. (The shaking happened a total of 3 times this week.)

He's stayed at my mom's everyday this week (thank you so much!) and has been curled up watching more tv than he probably has this entire past year combined. Hey, that's all I want to do when I'm sick!

When the ibprofen kicks in, he perks up a bit, but still doesn't feel good and doesn't want to play (or eat or drink.) Yesterday we really started to get worried about dehydration - he just wasn't getting enough fluids. He had a few (3) pee diapers over the course of the day so it wasn't horrible, but not what it usually is. He just looked awful too - pale, dark circles under his eyes, and he seemed unsteady on his feet.

Luckily this morning when he woke up the first think he wanted was to drink some water. I actually thought he was getting better - his temp didn't spike immediately at 6 hours. Unfortunately at 9am it started to go back up again. We ended up back at the pediatrician's office today (per their instructions if he still had the fever.) She told us that if he checked out fine in the exam they'd have to do a workup. They ended up doing a throat culture (those will take a few days to get back), we had to do some lab work, and then they did a chest and sinus xray. The bloodwork went better than I expected, but was still heartbreaking. Luckily the nurses did a great job and it only took once to get it all.

When the results came in we found out that he actually has a bit of pneumonia, so we're treating that. I suppose he still might have some sort of virus, but I just hope something gets him better soon! (I actually thought he was on the mend this afternoon, but the fever came back and he was pitiful again this evening - breaks my heart.)

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