Tuesday, September 04, 2012

It's a ....

Guess what color is inside the cupcake that Luke is eating?

It's a boy!!!!

We had our big ultrasound today and were over-the-moon excited to find out that we're having another boy!

Hello out there!

Two perfect little feet

Side profile - he was trying to suck his thumb!

And the money shot. There was absolutely no mistaking that he's a boy. :) He was actually quite proud of it. She had no trouble getting these pictures - trying to get a good one of other areas was a different story. Little turkey just didn't want to cooperate.

He's measuring in the 61st percentile at the moment. It came to right at 20 weeks (I'm 19 weeks, 3 days.) For comparison, Luke was measuring about 21-22 weeks at this point. I'm hopeful this one will be a tiny bit smaller at birth! He waved at us, sucked his thumb, got mad and hit back when the ultrasound tech tried to jiggly my belly to move him around ... :)

We had a fun dinner out to tell our families. Famous Dave's barbeque has recently opened near us and I have been craving it in a major way. I made cupcakes yesterday and even though everything was running behind today, still had time to get one of them filled with blue icing. (Ok, so some weird store bought blue icing, not the homemade icing dyed blue that I'd intended - oh well, it worked!)

We gave Luke the cupcake to eat right after we ordered and everyone was dying to see what color would appear! So much fun!

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Anonymous said...

So very cute and super exciting!!!! Yay!