Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jen's shower

Anne and I hosted Jen's baby shower today - everything turned out great!

First, the invitations. The final version had a safety pin across the diaper - much cuter in person!

Our next big idea was to make a teddy bear cake. Thank goodness my mom stepped in to help (or rather, actually do the entire thing for us.)

Step 1: Getting the cake out of the pan (I bought the pan and Anne made the cake - as you can see we were very instrumental in the creation of the teddy bear cake.) Here is mom carefully opening the pan up.

Step 2: Keep trying to get the cake out of the pan. See that the bear's face is still stuck in the pan.

Step 3: Finally! Bear out of pan! Use toothpicks to help hold bear together, then crumb coat it and let it dry, so you can ice it.

And voila - a teddy bear cake!!!! It turned out SOOOOOO adorable!

My drink containers once again in action.

The food setup. We had fruit w/ dip, cucumber sandwiches, pizza dip with bread to dip into it, a chicken club/veggie pizza thing, and baked brie bites. Yum!

This is part of the gift that Anne and I gave Jen. We painted the box so that it matches their nursery.

Painting onesies was such a hit at Anna's shower that we wanted to do something similar at Jen's, so we painted bibs!

The finished bibs all together, plus some close ups of my favorites.

(I made the PARTY one on the right)

The one in the middle is hard to read in the picture - it says "Spit Happens."

We had a few mini guests at the shower - Gavin (Megan and Allen's little boy -he's almost a year old)

And Molly (Anne and Kyle's little girl - she's 5 weeks old)

Poor Mr. Bear at the end of the shower ....

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