Sunday, January 13, 2008

My own room!

For Christmas, Jason got me a bunch of craft storage cubes. It took awhile to get them put together, but I love them!

Also, for the first time we were able to put all of our holiday decorations up in the attic, which cleared out that end of the storage closet/room upstairs. We moved up a desk/table that used to be in our living room - you can see that on the left of the picture. Now I need to find a chair for it. The storage cubes are on the right of the picture.

Here's a direct view of the cubes. The top left has a bunch of slots - that's where I put all of my paper. The bottom left is a file cube. The top middle and bottom right are 4 drawer cubes - I have a cube for writing utensils, scissors/cutting things, extra paper, glue/tape/etc, ribbon, paint supplies, and then two miscellaneous drawers. The 2 drawer cube has stickers and note cards/greeting cards. The last one is a 2 shelf cube - I have my knitting stuff on the top shelf and misc on the bottom.

I'm so excited to have my own room!

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