Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lions and tigers and bears ... oh my!

On Saturday we went to the zoo and had one of the best days ever! A membership was my gift for Mother's Day and I already know we are going to use it a lot. I really thought that Luke would sleep the whole time, but he was awake and alert and seemed to love it. He didn't look at the animals, but loved being outside, seeing the people, and watching the leaves move. During lunch he watched the leaves move over head and had a whole conversation with them.

Be prepared - this will be a picture heavy post. :)

The night before he wanted to wear his special "zoo" pajamas.

In the car on our way!

Mommy and Luke (sorry, there are going to be a few of these!)

The whole family

We were lucky that the Hultgrens also went, so Molly could show us the ropes.

Although I'm not sure she could figure out why Luke didn't actually look at the animals

Looking at the meerkats!

Another mommy and Luke picture - right before the train ride

Another one!

Luke was more interested in his hands than the giraffes.

Molly got to feed the giraffes a piece of sweet potato!

Looking at the bears

The zoo was so much fun!

A little boy all tuckered out after an amazing day!

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