Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello! I'm 6 months old today!

Hi! I stole the computer away from mommy, because I have something important to tell you. I'm 6 months old today! (And I have lots to say about it!)

I haven't had my doctor's appointment yet (and am still trying to find a way out of it - I hated those shots last time!) but mommy weighed me this morning and I was 18 lbs, 6 0z. Even though I get to eat more things now, I've slowed down some in my weight gain, but that's normal. I'm wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes and wear size 3 diapers.

I've learned how to do all sorts of things this month, but the best part is that I can sit up now! I get to play with lots of toys this way. My favorite is a spinny toy that plays the ABC song and some stacking cups. They are so fun to bang together!

I love to eat! I can hold my own bottle, but I still like it when mommy or daddy will do it for me. (I may seem like a big boy, but I still like my cuddle time.) I eat about 5 bottles a day - 6 1/2 ounces in each.

I get to eat all sorts of good things now too and I love it!

I have oatmeal at school every day and sometimes they even mix in my favorite food .... BANANAS!! I could eat bananas for every meal - they are so yummy, especially when mommy makes them!

I get tricked sometimes though and just when I think I'm going to eat something yummy, mommy tries to sneak green beans in. The first time she did it I decided to keep my mouth closed, but she kept trying so I gave in and ate it. Blech. (If anyone has any suggestions on how else to avoid it, I'm all ears. I've also tried sticking my tongue out and gagging and that didn't work either.)

I also really like pears and apples. Sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots - they are all ok. Peas fit right down there with green beans - yucky. Daddy says that one day I'll take after him and actually LIKE peas - I don't believe him.

I also get to have a sippy cup at dinner time. I don't actually drink from it but it's fun to chew on and to bang on the tray. I'm not really old enough for it yet, but I try to grab daddy's glass all of the time so they decided to give me my own. (I still think daddy's looks better though.)

I love my mommy and daddy so much. Sometimes if they leave the room I get a little worried and have to look around to make sure they're still somewhere nearby. Daddy is the best at making me laugh - he growls or throws me up in the air and it's so funny! Mommy is my favorite to cuddle with. She knows just how to make me feel better if I'm upset about something.

School is tons of fun too. Miss Barb and Miss Sheila take great care of me! Some of my favorite things there are when they blow bubbles (but then they stop and I get a little mad), or playing in water at the table (I can make splashes better than the other kids!), or doing artwork.

I like to lay on my belly and scoot. I hate when toys are out in front of me because I can't get to them but if they are to my side or behind me though I can scoot to them. Once last week when nobody was looking I was able to scoot to daddy's bag and pulled a computer cord out of it! (Next time I will have to be sneakier though because they took it from me before I could taste it.)

I also love my kitties. They are so funny, even when they just walk by me. One day I'm going to get a tail .... it hasn't happened yet, but they'd better watch out.

I love bedtime. I get to have my blanket and my Humphrey Elephant and love sleeping next to them. (Somehow they disappear though! I woke up in the middle of the night the other night and they were gone! I think mommy must sneak in and take them away.) I love to wake up in the morning too. It's fun to have my own time to practice talking and singing. Then mommy or daddy come in and I'm so excited to play with them!

For some reason every month mommy makes me sit next to Mr. Bear to get my picture.

Anyways, that's all I have to say for now! Peace out. :)


Jen said...

I can't believe he's 6 months already! Awesome post! :)


He's such a dude! So cute.

Kathy said...

awww love the last pic!!!

Michelle said...

Put a big smile on my face! (thanks) Can't believe he's 6 months already!

Anna said...

He is obviously very intelligent to be blogging at such a young age.

Love this post. And you will love being able to look back on it because, man! time flies!