Monday, August 30, 2010

Miscellaneous cuteness

This is what happens when Luke goes shopping with mommy. Ridiculous hats get tried on. :)

Eating out at Paradise Bakery.

Mmmm! Berries and bananas!

Playing in a "boat" at Grandma's

Playing at school - doesn't it look like there should be a halo over his head? :)

How to keep a 6 month old entertained at the doctor's office

Splish splash, I was taking a bath!


Anna said...

Love the ridiculous hat!

Anonymous said...

Laura, I love the video with the paper in the doctor's office! I just finished my pediatrics rotation and I'm pretty sure that paper is the cheapest entertainment ever! I loved walking in the patient's room and the paper was all over the baby!
Too Too Cute!!