Thursday, November 18, 2010

9 months old

I thought if I avoided posting this, it might mean it's not true, but somehow we have a 9 month old. Someone gave me a quote the other day and it is so true: "Days as a parent are long, but the years are short." So true!

He seems pretty excited to be 9 months old though!

I weighed him this morning and he was 22lbs, 4 oz. Not exactly sure how tall he is - we think between 28 1/2 and 29 inches. His 9 month appt is on Wednesday so we'll get a measurement then.

He's eating more "solids" now. By solids, I mean pureed foods. We've switched back to store bought and he will have 1 1/2 stage 2 or 1 stage 3 jar at each meal. We offer more actual solids - toast, cut up peaches, etc - and for the most part he could care less. He loves his puffs and yogurt melts though!

He's officially a self motivated army crawler. It's still army crawling, but wow - he is on the move! He wants into everything! (Especially cords, laptops, power strips ...) Up until a week ago, we had to coax and tempt him with puffs. All of the sudden he decided that he wanted to get to things! The other morning we were in our bedroom while he was in the living room. I heard some noises and looked down the hall, and he was already up to our doorway.

It's amazing to me how he actually thinks now. His favorite toy seems to be the star stacker - he loves to take the stars off and then put them back on. He's also started to create his own little games. He'll hold something up high, drop it, laugh, crawl to it, and do it all over again.

He doesn't seem to like to sit still much anymore - changing his diaper and clothes is a challenge! He also hates to be laying flat on his back.

He has started to give high fives and sometimes we get some random words that we find hard to believe. The other night when Haley was leaving, she said "bye bye Luke" and he looked up at her, said bye-bye! and then went back to his toys.

He's starting to transition up to the transition room at school. This week he's gone over to play, and over the next few he'll go over for naps, to eat, etc. His first full day there will be December 20th. I was expecting it, but I still got teary eyed when they told me. I guess by the time he is a year old they're hoping he'll be off the bottle, on a sippy cup, and eating off the school menu! SLOW DOWN TIME - SLOW DOWN!

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