Thursday, November 11, 2010

The next Annie Oakley(s)

Tim (from work) has wanted to teach Stacey and I how to shoot for awhile. It was a beautiful day today, so he convinced us it would be the perfect time.

First we had to try out our gear. :)

On the way out, Tim instructed us on the rules and told us all about the different guns. He went through how to load the guns, hold them, pull the trigger, etc - and then it was our turn!

I'm not gonna lie - Stacey and I both were extremely nervous at this point and I think were about 5 seconds away from running back to the car and hiding.

I'm so glad we didn't - we had so much fun! We shot from a 9 mm (my favorite), a 22, a 38, and a 45. Surprisingly we each did fairly well in hitting the target. Thank you Tim!

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