Tuesday, January 18, 2011

11 months old!

Luke is 11 months old! He's been changing daily and is so much FUN now! (Not that he wasn't before - but he's interacting and learning so much - everyday is exciting and something new.)

He weighs 23lbs, 9 oz, so an increase of less than a lb. He's still mostly wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers, but we've been buying 18 month clothes as well.

He's been sick and on an antibiotic for the last 2 1/2 weeks, so his appetite has been strange. Some days he'll only have 3 bottles, and not even finish all of those - and other days he'll have his usual 4. He's sort of taken a step back on the table food - some days he hasn't even wanted pureed fruit. On days that he'll try table food, he surprises us. He refushed peaches one day, but came home with a note from school that said he ate a chicken sandwich! (Breaded chicken patty and bread cut up into small pieces.) He'll pretty much never turn down puffs or yogurt melts though.

He's been like a little sponge. In the 2 weeks that we've had the Signing Time DVD he's learned to sign milk. He's learning to flush the toilet (so far he hasn't quite pulled it down - he tries and laughs though.) He's figured out how to turn on the old PS2 and then push another button to get the disc out - in the correct order! Things that he seems to try to do but isn't an always thing is to point out noses, and also to repeat "moooo" after we do when I point out a cow in books/puzzles. He can say mama and dada and seems to associate it with the right person.

He's crawling and crusing along furniture with ease, and has taken a few steps behind his lion walker. Mostly he likes to "walk" behind it on his knees.

He's getting out of the phase where we always have to be in the room with him. We rearranged the baby proofing upstairs so now he can get out of our loft room and get into his bedroom, the bathroom, or his playroom by himself.

I can't believe that we're starting to transition out of the baby stage! How is my little boy going to be 1 in a month??

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