Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Signing Time

Luke got an awesome DVD for Christmas called Signing Time. This thing is like Baby crack. As soon as he hears the music he turns towards it mesmerized. He's been sick (more on that later) and one particularly bad night/early morning he was inconsolable until we turned the dvd on. Then he was content snuggling and sniffling (you know, that awful sound when they've been sobbing and are trying to stop) and watch that until he fell asleep.

He hasn't done any of the signs yet, although I swore we got "more" one day, and sometimes when he sees them do "eat" he'll stick his fingers in his mouth.

It's also been good because Jason and I have learned signs this way as well.


Kathy said...

I keep hoping Andrew will watch it. I tried again and we got through 2 signs...I think if I keep trying he might :-)

Kelli Z. said...

Yay! We watch one of our DVDs everyday after Rowan's nap. He now expects it and points to the tv saying "dah!".