Wednesday, February 23, 2011

12 month stats

Luke had his 12 month appt yesterday and did really well. The shots weren't fun, but he bounced back pretty quickly.

He weighed 25 lbs (clothed) - 79%
He is 30.5" tall (72%)
His head is 49cm (97%!) - He's always had a big noggin' :)

We also found out that his left ear is still infected, so onto antibiotic #2 for this one. Luckily our ENT appt is on Tuesday!

They were impressed with his sippy cup abilities, and now it's time to move from formula to milk. He also should be on table food all the time. We're struggling with that, but seeing as he's been sick almost constantly in some form or another since December, she wasn't surprised that it's hit or miss. We'll keep working on it!

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