Saturday, February 19, 2011

1st birthday celebration!

We'll do this as a post per day, because we've had such a great birthday weekend!

Friday morning unfortunately started out with a return trip to the pediatrician for an ear recheck. Luckily those are looking better - his crankiness is due to the molars that are coming. He didn't let it completely affect his weekend though.

Then we went to lunch at McCallisters Deli - yum!

Next we went to a preview class at Gymboree - Luke had SO much fun! It's a place that's like a big gym for little kids. It's semi structured playtime.

His favorite part was pushing this roll thing. He had a hard time keeping up with it, but kept on going! At the end when everyone else was done, he kept pushing it, backing the teacher into the wall. (We stopped the taping too soon to see that though!)

After Gymboree, there was a quick nap in the car and then on to our other big event of the day - first haircut! He doesn't have tons of hair, but what he had was getting long - especially over the ears. We took him to Cookie Cutters, where he got to sit in at train. He did such a great job!

The best part was the balloon he got at the end of it.

Then it was time to go home and have another nap - such a worn out little 1 year old!

After naptime, he had a breadstick and his first bite of pizza (which he chewed for a little bit - and then spit out.)

Then we did our presents and he had a cupcake. No pictures of that, although it should have been a warning as to how he would respond to the cake at his party. Pictures of that later ... :)

What a great day!

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