Tuesday, March 01, 2011

ENT appointment

We had an ENT appointment for Luke today and the result is that he'll be getting tubes next Wednesday! I never thought I'd be excited about it, but I am. I'm just so tired of him not feeling well with his ears. I'll probably have a freakout Tuesday night though. The whole tubes process doesn't bother me, it's the anesthesia that sort of freaks me out.

Anyways, there really wasn't a question. The 5 ear infections, several rounds of antibiotics, the fluid still behind his ears, and his hearing doesn't quite fall in normal all pointed towards it.

The hearing test was kind of funny. He sat in my lap in a little room, facing a corner. There were sounds coming from that corner, and the ones to our right and left. He was so confused at it all and would whip his head around to figure out WHAT that noise was. (Some were a toy, some were when the lady was talking to him.) When it got quieter he wasn't as good at turning the right way. Then she did a test where she blew in his ears and between the two he just wasn't quite normal. she said that she wasn't surprised, given the fluid behind the ears.

When they found out we were flying to Florida in a few weeks they said that we really had to get it done before then, which was a relief to me. My ears pop bad enough on a plane - could you imagine a baby with an ear infection?

We go in at 6am (he can't eat for 6 hours beforehand) and the surgery is at 7am. They said it would take less than 15 min and then we'd be there for an hour afterwards and then would go home. Yay!

We also got fitted for some ear plugs to use while we're in Florida. After about 3 weeks that won't matter as much, but it's important not to get extra fluid in there at first.

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Jill said...

Hopefully Luke's ears will be feeling better soon. Thanks for being so good for the audiologist, Luke ;)