Thursday, May 19, 2011

15 months old

Age: 15 months

Weight: maybe around 27 lbs?

Length: no idea - we'll find out at his appt next week

Size: Size 5 diapers, and 18 month clothes. Carters 1 piece rompers and overalls seem to need to be 24 mos.

Hair: blondish brown. It's finally starting to fill in up front so he doesn't look as much like a little old man.

Teeth: Almost 15. Still working on that last 1 year molar, plus now 3 of the canines. He has been a pretty miserable, drooly little guy.

Sleeping: He goes to bed so well as long as he has his paci and his blanket. The last few nights have been rough in the middle, we think because of the teeth. Right now he goes to bed at 7pm, but we're hoping to move that to 7:30 so that we can enjoy more of the beautiful evening weather.

Eating: Picky picky picky. He will always eat yogurt, granola bars, and cheerios. He hates all fruit. He loves soup. He had peanut butter for the first time and the jury is out on that one. He'll eat a bite, look at it, eat some more - and then after a little bit decide he doesn't want it. It must be an acquired taste. :)

Movement: He's so mobile - it's great! When we get home from work now I can just set him down outside the car and he'll walk inside. He rarely crawls anymore, and if he gets excited he will, dare I say, run?

Talking: mama (officially directed at me!), dada, ba (ball), bo (book), and sometimes when he signs eat he also says "eee!". He frequently signs more, milk, eat, and sleep (all of his favorite things!) I've seen him try cat, dog, please, and mom.

Milestones: getting so much better at walking

Favorite toys/activities: Playing outside, especially on his swingset. Last week I asked if he wanted to go outside and he went to the back door. I took him out front instead, so he promptly went around the side of the house and pointed at the gate to get into the backyard. He's starting playing with cars and driving them around, which makes his daddy proud! He still loves to color, play in the ball pit, and ride his rollar coaster. Oh, and dance! Ever since the Mother's Day video he has loved dancing and music.

Dislikes: being dropped off at school, being laughed at

Disposition: He's such a happy little guy!

Other cute things about him:
*he puts things away. Cutest thing ever - after playing with a little car ramp, he picked it up and put it away on the shelf.
*he loves to fall asleep to music now - and has to have the remote with him in his crib
*he specifically loves that Josh Turner song. He'll get fussy and point at the ipod player until that particular song starts - and then he'll clap. Don't believe me?

It's so much fun having a toddler!

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