Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The best part of the fair ....... FOOD!!!

When you go with a group of people to the fair, and it's on $2 Tuesdays - you get to try just about everything the fair has to offer! I'm slightly embarrassed at the amount of pictures in this post, but I swear - we each only had a small bit of each item.

Here is a quick run through of the calories consumed!

Cinnamon roll

Funnel Cake

Corn dog

Pork barbeque slider ... getting hungry yet?

Chicken gyro

Time to quench the thirst - Lemonade Shakeup

Dippin Dots

"Pig" Ear - a smaller version of the Elephant Ear

Breakfast meal - sausage, eggs, biscuits, potatoes, and gravy

Deep friend Klondike Bar

Consuming the Deep Fried Klondike Bar

Pineapple Whip - one of my new favorite things!

Eating is hard work - time for a break

Deep fried Jalapeno Cheese

Grilled Cheese from the Dairy Barn

Soft Pretzel

Cotton Candy!

Luke's first taste of the amazing cotton candy

Blue Raspberry Slushy

Things that we missed this year were the Ribeye sandwich and Lamb Kabobs. Hmmm ...maybe we should go back tomorrow??

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Lauren said...

It's not even 8am and I'm already craving the most ridiculous foods. Did you eat all of that in one day?!