Tuesday, August 16, 2011

State Fair x 2

Tuesdays are $2 days at the state fair - $2 admission, $2 off of the train ticket, and lots of special $2 items. Since I now have Tuesdays off, we were able to go both weeks!

Last week, Luke and I rode the train down with my mom.

We saw lots of animals and ate tons of food (see next post) but weren't able to get everything in before we needed to take the train back. We decided that we'd go back this week!

This time we drove down, and Jason and Patrick came with us. We tried to talk Karen into it, but she had to prepare for court - I guess that was probably more important.

The first thing we did was the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit. It was so much fun! Luke wore an apron, had a little basket, and became a farmer for the day.

He started by picking up corn and soybeans. He had to have those so that he could feed the pigs and cows a little bit later.

He also got an egg from the chicken coup.

At this point, the sun was beating down on the farm so he got a Pioneer Seed Corn hat to wear.

He had to plant some seeds for the crop to grow.

After some rapid growth, he picked up the onion that he grew.

He had to ride a tractor around to check out the farm.

Picked an apple and also sheered a sheep for the wool.

Then it was time to milk the cow!

After a hard day's work it was time to cash in his goodies.

He was paid and then he got to buy something in the store - he chose a nutragrain bar - gotta keep your energy up! It's tough work being a farmer!

It really was one of the neatest things at the fair and he seemed to really enjoy it, even if he didn't quite "get" all of it.

That wasn't all we did though! Luke got to go fishing:

And drive a tractor:

And feed and pets some goats!

Both Tuesdays were great days!

I can't have a post about the state fair without mentioning the tragedy that happened there this past weekend. For those that don't know, the stage collapsed before the Sugarland concert due to storm that was coming in. Several were injured and 5 people lost their lives. It was just a tragic event and everyone involved and affected have been in our thoughts and prayers since then.

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