Tuesday, October 18, 2011

20 months old

Age: 20 months - I apologize now for the length of this post :)

Weight: 30 lbs. Length: Taller than 34"

Size: Size 5 diapers, and mostly in 18-24 months clothes

Hair: Just had another haircut, but style is still the same. That is, unless Jason styles it - then it looks like this:

Teeth: 16 teeth - the 2 year molars are the only ones left

Sleeping: 7:30pm -7:15am. Unless it's the weekend - then he's been giving us the wonderful gift of sleeping in. He has made made it until 9am a few morning!

Eating: He continues to be an awful eater, unless it’s crackers, peanut butter, mac & cheese, cereal, pancakes, yogurt, applesauce, or granola. No matter how much we try he just will not eat actual fruit, vegetables – or really anything that we’re having for dinner. I have recently discovered baby food in pouches though. They make these great apple sauce things in pouches that are great on the go that he loves. When I saw the mixed fruit and veggie baby food in pouches, I thought we’d give them a try. It seems a little strange to me that my 20 month old is eating baby food again, but at least it gets some veggies in him while we were on the actual vegetables. It took a huge stress off my shoulders just knowing that. He also gets a Flinestone vitamin after dinner every night.

Movement: When is he not moving? He wants so badly to go up and down the stairs like a big kid. He gets frustrated easily and will just give up and then not even want to crawl up them. I don’t know how many nights he’s stood there with his arms reached up wanting mommy to carry him up the stairs.

Talking: I’m not even going to try and count the amount of words that he says. He’ll repeat so many things, and even though other people may not be able to understand him, Jason and I can have a whole conversation with him.

He can repeat almost the entire alphabet, and recognizes at least the letters O and B (That is probably because of one of our favorite songs “The B Song” sung by the Dixie Chicks on Sesame Street.) Sometimes when I ask him if he can say the alphabet, and I start with A – he’ll follow up with B and C. If he sees a bunch of words written out, he’ll start with the B and then start telling me random letters that he thinks should also be there – O, P, Y, E …. B is his favorite though.

He can also repeat his numbers up to 10. Sometimes he seems to know the order they go in, and if I say one, he’ll say two. One day he fit nine by himself into the sequence at the right point.

His current favorite color (and my current favorite word that he says) is yellow. He’s pretty good at picking out the yellow things and sorting out the yellow colors from the rest.

Favorite toys/activities: Nemo, cars, rocks, sticks

Dislikes: Like last month, he doesn't like waiting. He has not yet learned that patience is a virtue.

Other cute things about him:

- He loves to dance – especially bobbing his head and raising the roof. When we were at the cabin last weekend, we got these awesome moves on video.

-He has started to sing, which is just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard. His favorites are the B song, and also the “oh oh oh oh” part of The Right Stuff, a New Kids on the Block song. If a song on the radio has a chorus with some ooohs and ahhhs or lalalas, or just a repetitive word that he knows (baby for example) he’ll sing along.

- He is such a boy – he loves rocks (throwing them), loves dirt, loves sticks (breaking them) … I was excited when were at the cabin that we collected some rocks and acorns in a bag to bring home. We were lining them up on the front porch back at home and I thought he’d think they were treasures and want to keep them. Nope – he just wanted to throw them in the yard.

- He’s learning to say people’s names. He can say almost everyone in the family. “Grandma” comes out an awful lot like “mama” but it doesn’t bother me so much since I’ve been promoted to “mommy.” He really struggles with the “K” so Karen is a work in progress. He can also say some of his friends name’s at school – his teacher Miss Bobbi, Kate (ate), Josh (osh), Anna (nana), and my favorite, Eleanor (Nanor.) In case you can’t tell, we like to drop off the first letter of the word.

- Nemo (or rather “Momo”) is still his best friend. It’s pretty cute – even his little friends at school know that it’s his momo. The funniest part about that is that he could say it correctly, he just won’t. Jason asked him to say knee the other day – he said knee (which by the way, is one of his favorite body parts to point out.) That was followed up by Jason asking him to repeat “mo” – which he did. Then you tell him to put it together and repeat “Nemo.” The response? Momo!

- Another cute thing that I want to remember – we’ve tried to teach him the phrase and hand motion for touchdown! That is so very confusing for a little kid that is also trying to learn the difference between up and down. Why do you reach “up” when you say touch”down”?

- He thinks it’s funny when Jason gives me a kiss. He’ll laugh and exclaim “Daddy!” like he thinks he's being silly on purpose.

- He likes to play Simon says, play ring around the rosie, wrestle with daddy, and still hide and seek. - He tells us when he poops. Sometimes right before, sometimes during, sometimes after. He'll grab his diaper and say "poop" - He has a great memory. When we were at the cabin last weekend, for breakfast he started pointing at chairs and telling us where to sit. He was pointing at exactly where we sat the night before at dinner - I was amazed that he remembered that!

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