Monday, October 31, 2011

Toddler Halloween Party

(Last Halloween post, I promise!)

We had some friends over on Saturday for a toddler Halloween party and had a blast! Parties are so different these days, and in some ways, more wild than they were in college.

We had lots of great food - and several things that were Halloween inspired!

First, pumpkin straws for the kiddos:

Ritz cracker spiders:

Spider web Nachos that Kelli made:

Mummy dogs - they were supposed to have eyes made out of mustard, but we didn't want to use that. I tried ketchup, but it was too hard and the kids were hungry - so they eyeless mummies.

And mummy cupcakes that Laura brought!

We did a craft of sticker pumpkin decorating

Luke loved this craft so much and has made about 6 of them since then.

Everyone's final masterpiece

Before we ate, we tried to get a group shot. It actually went better at this get-together than it usually does. I think it's because we've gotten smarter - we give all of the kids crackers (or candy) and it keeps them happy. Well, maybe not happy enough to get them all to grin - but it keeps them sitting.

Elliott (puppy), Rowan (was an elephant, but here in a cute Charlie Brown pumpkin shirt), Andrew (puppy - and older brother of the smaller puppy), Luke (dinosaur!), Sammy (train conductor), Quinn (little ducky), and Tyson (farmer and older brother of the ducky.)

Time to eat!

Then more playing ...

Luke and Rowan cheezing it up for the camera

Intrigued by piano music ...

A few videos on what a toddler party looks like:

What our living room looked like by the end of the party

And lastly, we got out the bumbo chair for one of the little bitties, and Luke decided that he wanted to sit in it. He kept pointing at it and saying baby, and then decided he was the baby.

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Kathy said...

You did an awesome job :-) And I love the picture of the giant mess (so sorry!)It was fun, thanks!