Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cruise Day 1

We had such a great time on our cruise! We left Monday morning just in time to beat the snow, thank goodness! We got to our ship, The Sovereign of the Seas, around 1pm. First on the agenda was eating our first buffet meal, and having our first drink. Then we walked around and did a tour of the entire boat. Here is a picture of our ship, and of our room. It was tiny, but you really aren't in it that often so it didn't matter much. The bathroom left a little to be desired though!

That afternoon we had to do our "Muster Drill" which was when we had to put on life jackets and go stand near our lifeboat. That evening we went to our first show, and had dinner in the Mirage Dining Room. We had second seating, which was at 8:30pm and the meal was great. The best part was that if you wanted two of the appetizers you could. If you'd rather have a different side, you just had to ask Nicholi (our main server) and you got it. After dinner we went to Karaoke Superstar (and wow, Simon from Amerian Idol would have had a hayday with some of them!) and then hit the sack. We were getting up early Tuesday morning!

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