Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cruise Day 4

Thursday was our day at sea. The morning started out sunny and hot, but the closer we got to Florida, the cloudier and cooler it got. We still had time to lay out, but ended up spending a lot of this day watching some of the contests (Men's sexy legs, and the belly flop), hanging out in one of the bars, and playing in the casinos. (We came out $6.25 ahead.)

Dinner was at the buffet again, and then we went to see the last show. It was called "Flashback" and then did some awesome musical numbers. At the end they brought out a lot of the crew and it was a great way to end it.

After the show we went to Superstar Karaoke again, and then came the highlight of the cruise. We played an adult scavenger hunt game called The Quest. Some of the items were:
- a male team member must bring up two ladies bras. Jason took up mine and Beth's.
- a female team member had to go kiss a guy's bald head. I did this one.
- 2 male team members had to skip around holding hands. Jason and Ben did that one.
- a male team member had to go crawl around and bark like a dog. Jason did that one.
The grand finale was:
A male team member had to take his shirt off, put on a bra, wear lipstick, ladies shoes, and carry a handbag. And you guessed - Jason did it! If you click on the link below you can see video of it (sorry, no sound.) It starts out and Jason tells Rob, our cruise director, that we are team #5. Then Rob tries to fix the bra on Jason. Then you get to see his fabulous model walk, finishing up with a nice smack on the butt. Enjoy!!

In case you can't get the video to work, here is a picture:

After another great pizza buffet we went to bed. Our final towel animal was the best!

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Chantelle said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. How relaxing! and Happy late Birthday.