Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cruise Day 2

Day 2 of the cruise was my birthday!! Rather than docked, the boat was tendered, so we took little ferry boat over to CoCoCay Beach - the private island owned by Royal Caribbean. We got there about 9am, and even though it was cloudy, it was all still so beautiful. By 10 am, we'd had our first drink (a CocoLoco!) At 10:40 we had our first excursion - all 6 of us went on the Wave Runner tour. It lasted about an hour, and we got to stop a few times, and even though it was a tour, the guys were still able to drive the wave runners as fast as they wanted.

Lunch was a fabulous barbecue and then we went snorkeling for a few hours. The fish were beautiful and as soon as we get our underwater camera developed I'll post pictures. We left the island around 4:30pm to go back and get ready for formal night. As a birthday present from Jason, I got to have my hair done. Sitting up in the dimly lit salon/spa, feeling the gentle rocking of the boat, which having my hair done was so relaxing!

We all met for drinks in the Captain's Welcome Aboard Reception and then went to dinner that. The highlight of the meal were the appetizers - Jason and I both had the shrimp cocktail and escargot - yum! At the end of dinner our table, plus our 3 waiters all sang happy birthday to me and brought an extra dessert.

After dinner we went to see the night's show "Dancin' Thru the Movies." After that it was time for the Rockin' Dueling Piano show (and more drinks of course!)

The best part of the night was the Chocolate Buffet - so much chocolate, so little time! We finished off the night with the pizza buffet. What an action packed birthday!!

Oh and when we got back to our room we had our first towel animal - an elephant!

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