Sunday, October 21, 2007

Anna's shower

Anna and Ryan Dilger are expecting a little girl around the end of November. We had a shower for her on October 14th, at Anne's house. It went great and everything was so beautiful!

Anna grew up on a sheep farm, so of course we needed a little lamb on her invitations! Anne and Jen came over one night and we made these:

The food at the shower was fantastic - Nate (Anna's older brother) does some catering on the side, so he provided all of the food. Chicken salad sandwiches, mini salads, sliced french bread with a cream cheese type spread and a piece of meat on it, and petit fors. So good!

The biggest hit of the shower were the onsies. Most of us aren't really into games anymore, but we still wanted something to do, so we had onsies for everyone to decorate. I won't lie, I was a little nervous about how they'd turn out, but some of them you could buy in a store!

I'm hoping someone got better pictures of the food and decor (a few little lamb things and lots of pink!), because mine didn't turn out. You can see other pictures of the onsie decorating and finished products at:
Anna's Shower

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Chantelle said...

Such a clever idea to decorate onsies instead. They look really cute!