Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall decorations!

I love fall! Our house is decorated in fall colors the rest of the year anyways, and I love being able to pull out more of the colors!

The finished "glitterfied" pumpkins - I love how they turned out!

Where they are sitting - everything else sitting out there is there all year long - see, I told you I love fall colors!

This is in the middle of our dining room table. Anne had her mom make it for me as a gift for cohosting her shower. Isn't it beautiful?!? The other side of the pumpkin is actually a jack-o-lantern! I'm going to keep that side facing the main area until Halloween and then turn it around.

This is in our living room, in front of the big windows that are next to our front door.

Our mantle. We've always just left the picture leaning against the wall - not actually hanging. I'm told that's "in" now - what do you think? Should I leave it that way or hang it? (And I've fixed the centering on everything now.)

The living room, taken from the dining room.

Our Halloween tree. It's on a little table near the front door.

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Janean said...

You really are a Martha Stewart! Your decorations look beautiful! I LOVE fall stuff, too....but my decorations look childish compared to yours. :)