Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The kitties are also excited about the baby on the way

You know how I mentioned that I'm always tired? The kitties are enjoying this little symptom - it means they have someone to lay with all the time. :)

Speaking of the kitties, they're pretty excited that we have a baby on the way. Well, at least Cali is. We've noticed in the past that when we have little kids over she just loves it. Pickles likes to watch from a distance. Cali likes to be right in the thick of things - she'll let them pet her, hug her, try to pick her up - she just soaks up the attention. We babysat our friend's little boy Gavin this past weekend, and once again Cali was right by us the entire time.


Megan said...

How cute! :) Can you email me those pictures of Gavin. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Chrissi said...

See, I totally would've thought it would have been Pickles that would love on Gavin. Shows what I know.