Saturday, August 29, 2009

Introducing ..... little Fletch!

For those of you that don't know - Jason's dad, Jason, and Jason's brother have all gone by the nickname "Fletch." I have a feeling that our son will probably follow in that tradition. Yes, you read that right - I said "son." That's because WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!!!

We had an amazing ultrasound yesterday, compliments of Kim (family friend and my old infertility nurse) and one of her friends who is an ultrasound tech.

It was absolutely incredible. We saw the little bean waving at us, scratching his head, kicking, sucking his thumb, arching his back, moving around .... pretty much anything we requested, he did. He's already listening to what his momma tells him. :)

First for some of the pictures:

Hi everyone! Check out those 5 perfect little fingers waving at you! (You're looking at the side of him - so that's also the side of his face that you see.)

Some of the side views, with his legs bent. From butt to the top of the head (so everything but the legs/feet) he measures about 3.5 inches. Right on track!

Just chilling out - with his legs sticking up. You can see his feet here too.

Speaking of feet - here is one perfect little foot!

This one looks like he's peering out at us. That's looking up at his chin/face (you can't see the top of his head very well) and on each side of his face is a hand!

And now for the money shot! She was first able to tell that he is a boy from the side view. Both boys and girls have a little nub sticking out from that view, but the angle is what is important. His was perpendicular which is what means a boy. It was funny - right when we were talking about it he decided to arch his back and start doing what looked like pelvic thrusts. Such a show off.

And if that weren't enough to convince us - here is a shot looking up between his legs - note the little part sticking out in between them. Jason is quite proud. :)

We were pretty nervous trusting something now (at essentially 15 weeks) but Jody has been doing this for years and wasn't questioning it at all. She said that we could go ahead and paint the room blue if we wanted! We didn't go that far, but did buy a few outfits:

And now, if you're still with me - here are some videos from today! Please ignore the talking in the background. Jody's kids were with her so you hear a lot of them.

First, here he is scratching his head and waving at us:

Here you can see his heart beating in his chest (the flickering thing), she points out how you can see him swallow, then he arches his back to show off his goods.

The money shot:

Here you can see his face (it's ok, we know he looks a little bit like an alien right now), his umbilical cord, and then some kicking.

Here is was just chilling with his legs up and then he did some more kicking.

He's sucking his thumb!


Jen said...

Congrats! You'll love having a little boy, they're so much fun! :)

Lisa said...

So exciting...congrats!!

Ryan said...

I think instead of little fletch, he should be a fletchling.


Christine said...

YAAAYYYY!!! What a beautiful baby boy you've got there!!!! Congratulations from all of us here. Have fun shopping for blue :)


Wonderful! Jason is getting his little grease monkey and you're getting your mama's boy. The universe is in perfect balance with this most excellent news. :-)

Karen said...

Congratulations Laura! I am so glad he looks good and is measuring right on track!!