Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2 month appt

Luke had his 2 month appointment on Tuesday and did great! He weighed 13lbs 14oz (89%), was 24 1/2" long (91%), and head was 42.3cm (92%.) So he's a growing machine! He was so happy for them and when they put him on his tummy to check his back he had his head several inches off the ground and moved it around. (And on that note, this morning I was holding him in a sitting position on my lap and hand my hands down further so wasn't supporting his neck and he had perfect control of his neck!) It may not be too long before we try out the bumbo chair.

They said we probably ought to quite swaddling him at night. She said that while it could still be awhile, he's moving so much that rolling over could happen sooner rather than later and it would be better if he wasn't swaddled.

Food wise, we're going to try 6oz bottles now. The 5oz ones don't seem to satisfy him anymore.

He got his vaccines (and Jason had to leave about 5 minutes BEFORE that!) and the cry was just awful. I've never really heard that "I'm in so much pain" cry before. He did some at hte last appt, but not like that. He fell asleep before we ever left the office and just seemed really tired the rest of the day. At one point he started crying in his sleep and that's when we broke down and gave him some tylenol. He didn't have a fever yesterday but ended up with a slight one tonight.

"Look how big I am!"

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