Saturday, July 24, 2010

5 months old!

How is our little boy 5 months old?!?

No doctor's appt this month, but weighed at home he was 17lbs, 5 oz. (That's just a little bit over a lb weight gain in the last month.) He has moved up to size 3 diapers and is starting to wear 6-9 month clothes, especially in sleepers.

Some highlights of the last month or so:
-He loves pools! He went swimming for the first time in a big pool.
-Loves jumping in the jumperoo and doorway jumper.
-Laughs everytime he hears growling noises
-Still sleeping through the night (and finally stopped his 4am 20 minutes of chattering)
-Is starting to sit up on his own
-Still only rolls from belly to back, occasionally
-Is starting to scoot on his belly. He can't really go forward but can turn himself in a circle.
-Has been to the emergency room already.
-He loves to sing. I honestly think that's what he's doing. If we're in the car and music is on, he starts "singing" in his carseat. He stops when the music stops. He also likes to do this first thing in the morning.
-He's started to get a little bashful. When he meets someone for the first time, he'll grin at them, and then turn his head into my shoulder.
-He's started eating cereal again (this time oatmeal.) He LOVES it and will inhale a Tbsp.

And now for some "outtakes." **No bears were harmed in the taking of these pictures.**

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