Sunday, July 11, 2010

Visit with the Dilgers

We drove over to Champaign this weekend to visit the Dilgers and had a great time! Lots of playing, good food (Famous Dave's for dinner - yummy!), the daddies played with their Ipads, and the mommies got to go see the newest Twilight movie, Eclipse.

Allie was excited to "hold" Luke as soon as we got there. I think she's practicing for her new baby brother who will be here in October.

She showed us the best way to play in the water table.

She taught Luke how to kick in the water.

He was really interested in whatever she had to say or whatever she was doing.

Then Allie decided to try out all of the old baby things. Surprisingly she still fit into the bumbo seat ...

...and the exersaucer!

This morning we got up and walked over to the park. This was the first time that Luke has been to one.

Allie showed him how cool it is to have sand between your toes.

He loved the swings!

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Anna said...

It was SUCH a treat for you to come and visit. Allie can't stop talking about "baby" Luke.