Monday, July 18, 2011

17 months old

Age: 17 months

Weight: 29ish lbs

Length: ???

Size: Size 5 diapers, and mostly 18 month clothes. They are starting to get small though so I just bought a ton of 24 month/2T clothes at a garage sale. PJs and 1 piece rompers are most definitely in the 18-24 month range. Shoes (according to Stride Rite measurements) are 5 ½ wide – although 5’s in other brands are still too big. He does have fat feet though.

Hair: People are surprised by how blond his hair is.

Teeth: 16 teeth! Now we wait on the 2 year molars. I’m hoping for a break, but he has been so drooley lately.

Sleeping: Great! Between 11 and 12 hours at night and he typically takes one nap now for 2 hours.

Eating: I would like to have a different answer this month, but still picky picky picky. He will almost always eat yogurt, granola bars, french toast sticks, mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, cheese, and cheerios. He's started to eat peanut butter on graham crackers. He still loves his milk, but will go through cups of water a day.

Movement: He seems to fall down more now, but it’s because he tries to run. He’s now had at least 3 bruises on his head from falling down.

Talking: mama, dada, ball, no, yea, and wow. He will whisper hi, hot, duck, cat, and finally the actual version of dog. He’s also tried shoe, but it came out more like “ish.” It’s adorable though – as he tries to actually say a word, he’ll whisper it until he’s confident enough to say it out loud. Also, when he says no, most of the time it’s “na-no” – sort of like a stutter. We think he’s doing it because a lot of times I tell him “no no Luke, we don’t do that.” Guess he’s a better mimic than we thought – we’d better start paying attention to what we say.

Signing: As he's starting to try and talk more he doesn't sign quite as much, but the words that he knows are: more, milk, eat, sleep, water, please, thank you, mom, dad, yes, no, uh oh, all done, wash hands, bird, fish, cat, dog, friend, play, dirty, stop, go, car, and book

Milestones: First family vacation!

Favorite toys/activities: This hasn’t changed at all since last time - playing outside, playing in water, playing with balls - he loves to throw them, kick them, shoot them into the basket, hit them with a bat - I think he's going to love sports.

Dislikes: diaper changes, being told no

Disposition: For the most part he's such a happy little guy. He loves to gives hugs and kisses, which makes me melt every time.

Other cute things about him:
*He can now hold up his finger that he's 1.
*He gives high 5's AND he fist bumps. :)
*He is becoming pretty opinionated and lets us know when he doesn't get his way. He got really mad at me because we shut the door to his room, so he sat in the ball pit in his play room and cried.
*He likes to test us. If you tell him no (don't throw that, don't touch that) he'll grin and reach out like he's going to do it again, but then doesn't.
*He knows almost all of his body parts.

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